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Phil Bond - former member and top man


We're very sad to announce that the fabulous Mr Phil Bond has decided to leave the band. He's leaving to focus on his own projects before, in his words, he 'gets too old to lug gear around'! We will miss him enormously, but of course wish him well in all his musical adventures and we're certain paths will cross, beers will be drunk and songs will be sung with him again at some point. An amazing musician, great company and an all round jolly decent chap.


As he was such an important member of the band in our first year of 'being', we thought it only proper that we leave his page up on here .


Phil Bond was born in Worcester and studied piano and organ.

Phil played in local bands then moved to Birmingham and then on to London.

He spent five months in America and five years in London.

Phil's been a member of the EFSD from the age of 14 and has been professional since the age of 18

He also plays piano accordion, flute and guitar and has played all sorts of music.

He's a big believer in music being the collective consciousness of humanity throughout the world.