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Marion Fleetwood



With a voice which has been described as 'mesmerising' and 'siren-esque', and as a string player, Marion has been a familiar face in the British folk world since being recruited into Stratford-based folkies Meet On The Ledge in 1999.


She is probably best known as a former member of The Jigantics andstill plays occasionally with The Gerry Colvin Band - and provides full string sections on recordings for anyone who can keep the tea flowing quickly enough.


She released her first solo album in 2015 - Holding Space and is also performing now in a duo with fellow TRADarrr member Gregg - FleetwoodCave


She plays Bridge Instruments violin and cello, a viola made by Robert Hull in her home city of Liverpool, Yamaha and Ibanez guitars and an Ozark mandolin. She can never find the power cable for her flash Zoom effects pedal, so is in the process of emulating Guy's pedal train, which is the cause of much envy in the band....